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DiGtoP is a research consortium that has been formed to develop standardized methodology to place disease genes into pathways, building upon recent advances into genomics and proteomics. Studying physical interactions between proteins, complemented by reciprocal validation and functional studies, will establish a mammalian proteomic database relevant to disease pathways and therapy and a pipeline for study of novel disease genes as they are discovered.




cell imaging

Live images of Hela Kyoto cells stably expressing GFP-tagged BAC transgenes and histone H2B-mCherry. Time lapse movies were taken with a confocal DeltaVision Core microscope (Applied Precision, 60x). green = GFP-tagged gene of interest (beta-tubulin, b-tub; protein regulator of cytokinesis 1, PRC1; Anillin, ANLN); red = H2B-mCherry. Scale bar: 30µm Stable cells were generated at the Hyman Lab (MPI-CBG) and movies were taken by Yusuke Toyota (MPI-CBG, Dresden).

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